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Key Partners Can Increase Your Sustainability Profile

As an equipment provider, Reiser’s commitment to sustainability might be a little different from most food product manufacturers. Our goal is similar, to help preserve natural resources and protect our environment. However, we actually achieve this by engineering ways to help our customers become more sustainable.

A key part of this is developing custom-tailored solutions that solve a specific issue. Regardless of the industry or application, our processing equipment is always designed to deliver efficiencies that increase output while lowering food waste. The objectives are simple - streamline processes, improve capacity, and eliminate downtime. These tailored solutions do more than just provide superior ways to process a product. They often lead to truly clear and easily quantifiable sustainability results, including better utilization of raw materials, less energy consumption, and a decrease in overall waste.

Our role as a packaging equipment provider has also helped us improve the sustainability profiles of many businesses. Packaging has long been at the forefront of the green movement as companies work to limit waste and utilize more recycled, biodegradable, and sustainable options. Whether it is compostable trays, biodegradable films, or green labeling products, Reiser’s machines are compatible with all the latest sustainable packaging technologies, and we have actively promoted the use of these innovative alternatives for decades. We are also focused on creating solutions that limit waste during packaging production, meaning less materials are needed. Once again, these efforts can all deliver very tangible sustainability results to customers.

Finally, since the first alternative protein solutions were introduced, Reiser been a leader and innovator in identifying and developing plant-based products. Our customer center, in-house chefs and alternative protein specialists have been behind many of the alternative protein solutions in the market today. We remain committed to developing alternative beef, poultry, pork, and seafood solutions and are constantly collaborating with customers to help them create new and sustainable alt-meat products.

Although our ‘green’ efforts are rarely visible to the consumer, our customers know their value. Whether it is cutting down on food waste, increasing production yields, promoting the latest in sustainable packaging or providing leadership in plant-based meats, Reiser does its part every day to help our customers preserve our natural resources.

Contact the Author

Michael Lynch

VP, Marketing

Reiser, Inc.


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